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UIIC offer political risk insurance to potential and existing investors, thereby removing many of the uncertainties of investing in the unknown market.


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Uzbekistan contains some of the most promising investment opportunities in the world, and some of the most stable conditions in the CIS. However, as with all emerging markets, the key to successfully unlocking the upside is effectively to cover the downside

No insurance company is better placed to offer you political risk insurance for trade with, investing or doing business in Uzbekistan than UIIC, a company that has access to both unrivalled local knowledge and unparalleled international expertise. As such it is the vital key to unlocking successful investment in this remarkable market.

UIIC plays an integral part in stimulating trade and investment flow into Uzbekistan. Since its establishment in 1994, UIIC has encouraged more than $6bln ...

Uzbekinvest International Insurance Company plays an integral part in stimulating trade and investment flow into Uzbekistan. 

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First of all, Uzbekistan is political stability, confidence in tomorrow and consistency of reforms in all fields of public and political life. It’s the state, where representatives of more than a hundred ethnic groups and dozens of religions live in peace and concord.