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First of all, Uzbekistan is political stability, confidence in tomorrow and consistency of reforms in all fields of public and political life. It’s the state, where representatives of more than a hundred ethnic groups and dozens of religions live in peace and concord. From the very day of Independence, Uzbekistan selected own course of development, own, Uzbek Model of transition to socially oriented market economy based on five key principles: the priority of economics over politics; the state is the main reformer; the rule of law in all areas of life of the society; strong social policy; step-by-step transition to market relations. Thanks to successful implementation of this model, today, Uzbekistan has achieved and provided: – macroeconomic stability, equilibrium of domestic and foreign sectors of economy, growth of currency reserves; – framework for maintaining steady high rates of annual economic growth by 8% at average, predominantly, thanks to internal factors; - reduction of aggregate tax burden almost 3 times, while the State is providing additional packages of concessions and preferences to exporting enterprises, small businesses and entities, making investments and introducing new production; – creation of sustainable banking and finance systems with strict observance of Basel principles of banking supervision. In particular, the degree of sufficiency of banking capital is more than 23%, which is almost 3 times higher of international standards; – development of new high tech industries through intensive investment policy, technological modernization of industrial facilities and production infrastructures. The issued strategy of struggle against crisis and neutralization of its consequences allowed the country among few states of the world to ensure for the past period steady growth rates of economic development. Growth rate of GDP in 2008 comprised 9%, in 2009 – 8.1%, in 2010- 8.5%, which is according IFIs is one of the highest indicators in the world.

For the years of Independence, Uzbekistan created broad spectrum of legal guarantees and preferences for foreign investors, developed integral system of measures on encouragement of activity of enterprises with foreign investments. The state guarantees and protects the rights of foreign investors which carry out investment activity within the Republic of Uzbekistan. In the event, the consequent legislation of Uzbekistan makes investment environment less favorable, then, within 10 years from the moment of investment, foreign investors will apply the legislation, which was in effect as of the date of investment. Upon its discretion, after notifying the authorities, the foreign investor is entitled to apply those provisions of new legislation which make the investment environment more favorable. Moreover, in some cases, foreign investors could be provided with additional guarantees and measures of protection of rights in case of investment into priority industries or projects, which ensure sustainable economic growth, strengthening and enhancing export potential of the country, projects in the field of small enterprises. The List of Guarantees, Privilege and Rights Provided for Foreign Investors and Enterprises with Foreign Investments by Legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan you can download here.
Investment Program of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Every year the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan reviews, updating and approves the Investment Program, developed by the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investment and Trade. This document will ensure implementation of strategically important investment projects including construction of new facilities, modernization and technological renovation of enterprises, accelerated development of transportation, engineering, communications and social infrastructure, aimed at improving employment rates and sustained economic development.
As President of Uzbekistan noted, the priority of fastening and expanding the scales of modernization, technical and technological renewal of economy and its main fields, diversification of production should play an important role in the realization of investment programs in 2016 and nearest future. In 2016, the republic plans to attract over 4.5 trillion soums of foreign direct investment and loans, as well as 1.7 trillion soums of investments and loans guaranteed by the government. To download Investment Program of Uzbekistan in English –  please click here.

More information is available at the Government Portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan.